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Avoid Sabotaging your Home Sale

Wednesday, February 24, 2016   /   by Ken Couture

Avoid Sabotaging your Home Sale

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Image Credit: Liz West (CC by 2.0)

Selling your home can be an emotional process. You lovingly planted every perennial, built the backyard fort by hand, or agonized over every draw pull, cabinet knob, and paint color. Now it’s time to sell, and it can be difficult to separate your emotions from the financial transaction.

It is natural for you to want buyers to value your home as much as you do, but sometimes emotions can inflate reality. To sell home for the best possible price, Realtor.com suggests avoiding these common behaviors that can sabotage the deal.

·         Do not turn the showing into a guided tour. Buyers want to walk through a home and imagine themselves in it. They do not want to hear about your Aunt Bertha’s antique chandelier you installed in the dining room. Buyers also want to feel free to discuss what they like and don’t like, which they obviously cannot easily do with you present. Leave. Go out to eat. Go to the library. Don’t stick around for the showing.

·         Don’t overestimate the value of updates you made to the home. Your personal touches and design choices that cost a small fortune may have little value to a potential buyer. Newer appliances are touted in almost every listing, so they are hardly unique. Be realistic.

·         Do not renege on promises. If you promise to make a repair or update to sweeten the pot, then follow through on it, even if it costs a few hundred dollars more than expected. If your word is not gold, a buyer will walk away. And word may get out to other realtors as well, and they will steer clients clear of your home.

·         Do not pass up a good deal, hoping for a better one. It’s natural you to want to get the most for your property, but avoid the trap of comparing a legitimate offer to other homes in the area. You may miss out on the best offer by chasing a better deal.

As your realtor, I can help you avoid these and other pitfalls in the selling process.  When you are ready to invest, buy or sell, visit my website or call me direct, Ken Couture, 702-610-6247.