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MSG Sphere Project Starts To Take Shape Off Las Vegas Strip

Friday, February 28, 2020   /   by Ken Couture

MSG Sphere Project Starts To Take Shape Off Las Vegas Strip

The much-anticipated MSG Sphere under construction off the Las Vegas Strip will eventually become the largest structural sphere in the world.

This week, developers brought in a giant crane called a crawler, which can lift and maneuver extraordinarily heavy loads. It will eventually place the center compression ring for the dome's roof.

When complete, the 875,000-square-foot venue, will project colorful digital images on its exterior and seat up to 17,500 guests inside.

I think it's going to reshape the skyline, you know taking its place there with the High Roller, Stratosphere tower, Luxor pyramid. And I think it's going to be the kind of thing that people will identify with Las Vegas.

It will be one more eye-catching attraction in a valley already filled with them.

"Certainly something as unique as this will give a lot of people reason to come here," said Schwartz.

"They're building it here? Oh my God, build it, build it," commented one tourist from Houston after seeing renderings of the finished project.

The spherical shape will begin to take shape in the coming months, an opening scheduled for some time in 2021.